Relation with our clients and our policies

Our firm seeks and develops a personalized relation in providing its services, tailored to the needs of each situation, giving appropriate weigth to the specific culture and organization of each client, in a relationship normally extending over the time.

In the course of providing services to medium and large corporate clients, we have found that our efforts are most effective when based on a thorough understanding of each client's operations and unique problems. This type of rapport with our clients is normally founded on a relationship prolonged over the time; it provides an intimate understanding of each client's history and organizational evolution, which allows us to use a strategic approach that addresses the client's concerns, while taking into account each unique organizational character and corporate culture. In this way, we provide solutions that most effectively respond to each client's needs.

This type of relation is best suited for the characteristics of our work: our constant search for the maximum quality achievable in the services we provide, leads us to avoid the use of standardized solutions, often simplistic and foreign to the real needs of our client. We also handle one-off situations and matters with the maximum attention to the level of accuracy and promptness.

The proactivity as to the needs of our clients also develops in the area of professional updating of their internal resources. Periodically, the Firm organizes ad hoc seminars aimed at providing the most appropriate information on the frequent legislative innovations in the area of corporate taxation. The presentations are designed to respond to the attendants’ levels of responsibility in the management of the tax affairs of a corporation. Participants are divided in small groups, in order to achieve the maximum degree of homogeneity in their experience, to maximize the efficiency of the tuition provided. These seminars and courses are open to the resources of companies that are not our clients.

By so doing we cooperate with our corporate clients in maintaining and improving an elevated degree of technical competence of their internal structures, so filtering and limiting the engagements assigned to us, thus controlling and limiting the overall cost.

Over the time, we have reinforced our conception of professional independence: our continued research of innovative, weighed, efficient and solid solutions, is therefore guided by principles of highest integrity. These lead us to discourage our clients from adopting choices and behaviours not in line with the best interpretive standards guiding the application of the tax rules.