Result from opinion polls

We maintain a constant attention to the degree of acceptance of our services: repeated poll opinions with clients show satisfaction and appreciation for the professional services rendered.

From an opinion poll by an expert international consulting firm conducted with our clients about the services performed for them, we obtain vital information to continue to foster our operational model and approach in running our engagements.

The opinions expressed on our services, although concise and anonymous, encourage us in our efforts; additional investigations are conducted regularly to monitor the current status of our relationships.

The following are some of the poll opinions on our services:

  • "Very good value for money"; "Not cheap but very realistically priced for the quantifiable benefits they generate"
  • “They occupy a good position in the upper part of the professional offer …with high value performances … strategically centered; the firm is certainly suited to handle and resolve even the most complex matters”;
  • "Innovative solutions, but solid practically … excellent problem sovers"; "Technically, they are at the cutting edge."
  • "The Firm's professional behavior is worthy of trust and respect. When assignments involve the cooperation with other professionals, the Firm can coordinate with them in an effective way even when the other professionals specialize in different areas."

In response to the results of this opinion poll, the Firm has introduced a program enabling the current monitoring of the client's level of appreciation for the services received, in order to achieve their utmost rating of approval. This in turn, will improve our services where changes are necessary, according to each client's input. We have found the the clients’ needs tend to change over time, in connection with the more recent adverse environmental business scenario.