Tools and resources

We have developed an expert system, in the forefront of knowledge management. It is central in the access and retrieval of the material relevant for each engagement and is used for the optimization of the activities performed for each client. Through an Extranet service, clients may reach all materials produced by the firm on each engagement.

Through time we have developed and continually improve sophisticated EDP programs to secure and control internal and external information and sources. We constantly monitor the status of each engagement received through an advanced system of retrieval, classification, and updating of documents, data information and all other relevant sources. Through this approach we can sensibly reduce the time needed on each engagement: thus rendering a service as complete and accurate as necessary, at a cost certainly competitive on the professional market.

For clients with larger volumes - or for all those who may request it - we maintain an Extranet service through which those persons authorized by each client may reach all material produced by us (letters, opinions, memoranda) on each engagement.