Trivoli & Associati is an interprofessional firm, composed of lawyers and public
accountants, with diversified levels of experience. The Firm has been operating
for over than fourty years, now, to serve medium-sized and large enterprises.

Trivoli & Associati was established in 1973; it comprises professionals with diversified
levels of experience and organizational linkage, along with the necessary support
personnel. We operate in the field of business law, with particular emphasis on
tax matters.

At inception, our public accountants dealt with tax issues. Gradually, however,
as the evolution of the institutional and legal environments made the interpretation
of law ever more complex, the presence of lawyers within the group became essential
in providing our clients with highly integrated and efficient tax services. As a
result, our practice has, over time, taken on the form of an interprofessional firm,
composed of both public accountants and lawyers originating a seamless integration
in approaching complex issues.

This presentation describes the current composition of our group: please visit the
members section of this site for the profiles of the professionals with whom our
clients most often come into contact. Additional information is available upon request
at st@studiotrivoli.it.